Young people (4YP)

Sexual Health Outreach Services for Young People (SHOUT 4YP) is our very own team that work in and out of clinics for all under 18s’ needs.

We know how important it is to young people that we keep what you tell us confidential, even the fact that you contacted us.

We won’t tell anyone what you tell us (including parents, teachers or your GP). There are some rare exceptions – if any of these apply to you, we will discuss it with you first.

If you’re aged from 13 to 16 and want contraception, an abortion or tests for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), we won’t need to share this information with any parents or carers, as long as you fully understand the advice and tests we are doing.

However, if you are younger than 13, our doctors, nurses and ECHO staff might feel it’s in your best interests to involve other people, such as a social worker.

Should you tell us something that makes us think that you, or another young person, are at serious risk of significant harm, we might have to act in your or their best interests.

We will encourage you to tell your parents or carers, if it’s appropriate, but the choice is yours. You have the same rights to confidentiality as an adult (someone who is 16 or over).

We give advice and information on contraception and help you make healthy choices to reduce the risk of unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

You can get free sexual health and contraception advice by calling or texting one of our nurses.

Mandie – 4YP nurse
0208 887 4510 or 0208 887 4501

Evelyn – 4YP nurse
07484 543 904

4YP opening times

We run two specialist clinics for all under 18s’ sexual health and contraceptive needs on:

  • Monday : 2:30 – 5:30 pm (4YP under 18s’ only) at Town Clinic.

  • Wednesday : 2:30 – 5:30 pm (4YP under 18s’ only) at Silverpoint Medical Centre

For more health information and advice for young people in London click here 

Call us to book an appointment
020 8887 4510


Advice for parents
Need help talking to your children? For ten tips on how to talk to your child about sex and relationships, follow the link below: