LGBT and sexual identity

Whatever your age, gender, culture or sexuality, at ECHO we offer a friendly and inclusive drop-in service and pre-booked appointments.

Coming out

Coming out is when someone who is gay, lesbian or bisexual tells the people around them about their sexuality. This can be difficult and people may worry that others will treat them differently once they know.

Even though it can be scary, most people feel that coming out is important as it means they can be honest about how they feel and not keep an important part of their life hidden.

For many people, admitting to themselves that they’re gay, bisexual or lesbian can be hard for many reasons.

Pre exposure prophylaxis (Prep) for HIV is also provided.

Pre exposure prophylaxis (Prep) for HIV is the use of medications, either daily, or as and when needed, to prevent HIV. To discuss this with a nurse or a doctor, please contact the clinic.

Do you think you could be gay, lesbian or bisexual?
If you feel this is something that may affect you, please come and see a member of our team at ECHO. Alternatively click on some of the links below to read more:

What treatments we offer at ECHO

As well as full STI testing, we also offer:

  • Post-exposure prophylaxis after sexual exposure (PEPSE). More information about PEPSE can be found here
  • Proctoscopy – this is an examination using a plastic tube to check for STI’s in your bum. This is only carried out if there are symptoms there, or concerns
  • while we don’t offer PrEP (the HIV drug, pre-exposure prophylaxis) we routinely screen for associated infections

People with very high risk of catching HIV may decide to take medication that reduces the risk considerably. PrEP is not currently funded by the NHS but there are discussions going on to offer this service soon. Find out more here.

Finding friends and support

As well as our team at ECHO, there are a number of support networks available to help for 14 years to 25 years age persons, including:

Proud Enfield – lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) group

Proud Enfield meets on Fridays. Participants receive advice and support and opportunities to take part in fun and informative sessions.

For more information about how to join, please call or text 07815 440 487 or email

Useful websites