This is the use of recreational drugs taken for the purposes of enhancing sexual activity.

Chemsex is mainly used by gay men with drugs such as: GHB, GBL and mephedrone. The idea is usually to allow sex sessions to last several hours and occasionally with several partners.

Here in London we are seeing more and more gay men who are injecting drugs (‘slamming’) during sex.

If you do participate in this sort of sexual activity, the risk of getting an STI or a blood-borne virus is very high. We therefore suggest you have more regular check-ups and tell us about chemsex activity. We aren’t here to judge, but to offer advice and support.

We think, if you’re going to slam or use drugs for sex, then do it safely. For more information, follow the links below:

If you feel you have a problem with your use of drugs, there are many places in London to help out. If you are in doubt, please come and speak with one of our dedicated team.