Cervical screening and smear tests

Twice as many lesbian and bisexual women over the age of 25 have never had a cervical smear test, compared to women in general.

This is sometimes because they don’t not think they need to, or are worried about disclosing their sexuality.

The biggest cause of cervical cancer is human papilloma virus (HPV). Although we aren’t totally sure, we think it could be transmitted through oral sex, or penetration with fingers or sex toys. This means, it’s still really important that whatever your sexuality, you should have your smear test.

We also know that a lot of women also have had sex with a man at some point in their lives.

Your smear is normally carried out through your GP or practice nurse.

In England, 25 and over is the age at which your cervical smear test will commence. It is carried out every three years up to the age of 49, and then every five years between 50-64 years.

We do not offer routine cervical screening at our clinics, but we may take a cervical smear in certain circumstances.

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