Women’s reproductive anatomy

The external organs are called the ‘vulva’. Most people tend to say vagina rather than vulva though. The vagina is actually the muscular tube which leads from the cervix (the opening of the womb) to the vulva.

Part of the vulva has two sets of labia – the labia majora (outer) and the labia minora (inner). The outer labia are covered in pubic hair, and they can be very fleshy. The inner labia are inside your outer labia, and don’t have any pubic hair on them.

womans anatomy 1
womans anatomy 2
womans anatomy 3

Women have all different sizes of labia. It is very normal to sometimes have your inner labia hang lower than the outer labia. Your inner labia can also be different lengths from each other (and so can the outer labia). One thing is for sure – there is nothing abnormal about having large inner lips that hang down. Lots of women have this and it’s perfectly normal.

The area where you have pubic hair below your belly button is known as the ‘mons pubis’. Below this at the top you will find the clitoris (also called ‘clit’ for short) which looks like a small pea-shaped bump, with a hood of skin covering it.

The job of the clitoris is purely for pleasure. It’s packed with lots of nerves, which make it really sensitive. Underneath your clitoris is the urethra. This is where your urine (wee) comes from. You should be able to make out a very small ‘slit’. And below the urethra, you will find the opening of the vagina.

We suggest you get a mirror and have a good look to familiarise yourself with your vagina. It’s always good to know how everything looks and if anything changes. If you are worried about anything, come and see us.