Testicular cancer

It’s very common to get all sorts of spots and bumps on the scrotum. After all it is skin. Often most are completely harmless. However, it’s important to get to know your testicles so you can see if something doesn’t feel or seem right.

Checking your balls

The best time to check your testicles or ‘balls’ is whilst you’re in the bath or shower. Have a gentle feel with your hand. The more you do this, the more you recognise what is normal for you. Roll each ‘ball’ around with your fingers and thumb. They should feel smooth, with no pain or swellings. You’re checking to see if there are any firm lumps to the testicle itself.

If you notice a lump, you get sharp pains or a dull ache in your testicles or you’re just not sure, it’s important to see a health professional.

There are many reasons we get lumps and bumps on/around our testicles. Some reasons can be because of STIs, fluid or cysts but generally we are checking for cancer.

While testicular cancer is rare (around 2,200 men are diagnosed each year in the UK) it is most common in younger men, which is why checking your balls is a great habit to get into.

You can read more about the symptoms of testicular cancer and what to look for and about testicular cancer by clicking the link below.

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